Hello Readers,

After taking a plunge and starting a fashion blog in late December in 2014 my fashion blog has been running for four and a half months! crazy! I’ve learnt a lot – especially about committing to something and not just writing one post and then leaving it.

My blog was originally on but it’s constant crashing and blog posts taking double the time to do because I would lose work has gotten to a point where my beloved blog just frustrates me. A close friend really recently started a blog on wordpress. It’s so much easier, there’s no crashing and so much to customise. So I’m taking all of my old Red Glitter Slippers blog posts and posting them here! I hope you follow me as I critique Chloe, adore Dior and dance in Dolce’s (one day I hope!).

The new and improved…

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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