2015 BAFTA’s Awards Debrief- Worst Dressed

Hello Readers,

1. Hofit Golan in Stephane Rolland

This look would be much more in tune with the Grammys, perhaps even celebrated. Almost everything is wrong with this dress- the amount of cleaveage, the star decorations, the sheer overlays, the tacky jewellry and poufy hair. I know people wear terrible looks for shock factor and to make a statement but I feel like someone who is dressed to so badly has some ulterior motive. Why not dress nicely to a very formal occasion? Most people never get to go to the SAG let alone walk the red carpet in designer.

2. Felicity Jones in Dior

The lilac skirt of the dress eptiomises what can make a look sink or swim. The fabric didn’t photograph well, the colour was okay but an odd pink/purple colour while the floral embellishment hit her where it did no favours. I also wish they’d changed the lines that went down the dress as I feel like it made the skirt look dated. Her hair and make up were fine while the black bodice was okay as well. It was just a clunky look in general.

3. Romola Garai in Roksanda Illncic

An example of the need to dress correctly for one’s occasion. I can sort of, faintly see the vision but clashing sherbet orange and light blue would only work if the shape of the two piece was right. A few years ago Emma Stone did this perfectly because her look was simple and streamlined. The sleeves and dark cuffs do no favours and I think the skirt should have been a little bit shorter as it overwhelms her. Pairing shoes that are orange, mint and blue did nothing to help the look, rather a horrible distraction from a vision that was never fulfilled.

4. Natalie Dormer in Sophia Kah

Natalie Dormer and the case of the ugly blue lace gloves. In a similar basket to Reese she could have improved the look in a few small ways but those lace gloves are unforgivable. While I think the dress itself is quite office like, had she ditched the gloves and added a gold clutch and bigger statement jewels she would have look classically glamorous. Her make up and hair were lovely and sophisticated.

5. Reese Witherspoon in Stella McCartney

While Reese scrubbed up better than most of these ladies on the worst dressed list it definitely wasn’t anything to write home about. She was one of a few who were ‘meh’ and relied on her dress to make a look. Only accessorising with a diamond bracelet and her hair in waves made her look generic and boring.The purple colour was nice but the neckline made her chest look strange. The skirt of this dress was fine. Overall very, very average from someone who could have done so much better. Especially as she is such a big name at the Bafta’s.

Do you agree with who was on the worst dressed list?

Red Glitter Slippers xx

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