Tennis Whites

Hello Readers,

Long time no talk. While busy adjusting to the whole uni thing I’ve left this little blog alone for a while. I still have a lot of red carpet uploads from awards shows in January and February (eek!) however I’ve had trouble uploading photographs and there’s really no point me trying to express my distaste for some of the Oscar disasters when you all having nothing to go off. { cue the frantic googling of images for Julianne Moore’s smashed bug dress }.

As a sorry I’m compiling designer trends into a few categories. Those who haven’t looked into the way fashion works might know that in different parts of the world there are different seasons going on. Therefore all of these trends right now are focused on Spring and Summer. However that don’t mean you can’t incorporate a little plaid here, a crisp shirt there or a white skirt into your winter wardrobe.

I’ve spotted three key trends amongst designers with a new spin on white-on-white first up…

Tennis Whites Revisited

The whole white outfit look is very Florida and California early 0000’s however times have changed. Rather than flared jeans and winged shirts complete with white cork wedges there’s a greater emphasis on a slick, sporty look of white mini pleated skirts, androgynous short sleeved shirts and minimalist joggers and smoking slippers. It’s almost futuristic.

Tip – For an all white look remember to reveal enough skin to balance the solid colour. Overdoing it with a long white sleeved top, long white pants and white boots will have the same affect as wearing too much black, looking really pale. Unless your ridiculously tanned that is.

Designers to look for..
– Fendi

– Jason Wu

– 3.1 Phillip Lim

– MCQ Alexander McQueen

Red Glitter Slippers xx

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