2015 Elle Style Awards Debrief- Best Dressed

Hello Readers,

This is a little interval from all the Oscars glam. Some of the best are out to impress.

Top 5 Best Dressed

1. Diane Kruger in Chanel

I challenge you to find anyone who can pull of this dress as well as Diane. The truth? That person would be very difficult to find. She is in a league with the likes of Cate Blanchett and Emma Stone who rarely get it wrong. This look is pure couture, Diane has the gift of making unusal colours, shapes or styles translate to the red carpet. The lacy gown works because of the unusal skin bearing around her torso, which shows off some skin while the light pink suits her skin tone to perfection. The silver shoes, bracelet and clutch soften the strange look of the dress. No words.

2. Taylor Swift in Julien MacDonald

Throughout this awards season I have been very impressed by T- swizzle. Her use of risky colour pairings and interesting prints and cutouts are exactly what someone who posesses style is all about. I’m tired of hearing how so and so is stylish because they always wear black or because they wear the latest trend. Style is a completed look. With only a few misses under her belt (grammys pairing of turquoise and purple a definite thumbs down) she shines in interesting gowns, having the presence to pull them off. #tswizbringingbackcolourtothecarpet

3. Ellie Goulding in Alberta Ferretti

I really didn’t associate Ellie Goulding with style, she’s the type of celebrity you’d imagine would wear whatever their stylist tells them to wear. While she wears a lot of neutrals and this gown is no exception I love the cut on her. I think Ellie sometimes struggles with understanding what pieces work and what don’t. The white lace and sheerness of the skirt makes the look feminine. My only request would be that the length of the dress be shortened by a few centremeters as it drags and crumples as she walks.

4. Alexa Chung in Erdem

I am constantly surprised by what Alexa Chung looks good in. Almost everything. You would imagine that having a small frame would make oversized looks hard to pull off. However this is Alexa. While the skirt is baggy the top and sleeves are quite fitted which ensures she doesn’t look overwhelmed by the fabric. Choosing a printed dress rather than a dress in black which would have made her look very small was a smart move. The silver pointed shoes complete the casual chic look.

5. Olivia Wilde in H&M

Olivia is rocking the printed skirt and tshirt combination. A plain, soft tee and an interesting skirt has to be one of my favourite go to looks. The leaf print is quite trend driven but the voluminous cut enables the skirt to look classic. The look is very modernist ‘H&M’. Her make up and hair are natural and work with the type of event and carpet. Go olivia!

Red Glitter Slippers xx

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