2015 SAG Awards Debrief- Best Dressed

Hello Readers, 

Yet another Red Carpet to scrutinise! This time both the film stars and television stars take to the carpet. I have to say I’m relatively impressed with the amount of ‘shocking’ looks; much less than what we have seen on other red carpets recently. Oh! and for the first time this season most of the nominees are NOT wearing black! I repeat NOT wearing black! There is still hope and an Oscar carpet to come…

Top 5 Looks

1. Julianne Moore in Givenchy

A redhead can wear so many jewel tones so well, as a blonde I’m just a tad jealous. So while emerald green seems a nice break from the monochromatic disease infecting the red carpet right now it is definitely not Julianne’s boldest look. However the Givenchy dress is just that right deep mermaid green creating perfect contrast with her hair and pale skin. Styling was kept minimal to large, round emerald earrings and the silhouette fits her like a glove. While my only complaint is the styling of her hair (which I feel a loose ponytail may have made the look more polished) I am still awestruck by how incredible Julianne makes this dress look. The ultimate example of  wearing a dress rather than letting the dress wear you.

2. Keira Knightly in Erdem

I feel like with Keira’s latest red carpet look there will be a division between those who love and hate – I’m secretly hoping everyone falls into the love category. Having struggled in a Chanel feather night gown look at recent red carpets the purple Erdem is a return to form as well as an example of  fantastic ‘baby bump dressing’. The colour suits her and while the dress does have volume the fabric is lace which is much more delicate and doesn’t weigh down the star. The mesh triangle over her decollatage was a stroke of genius, ensuring the dress doesn’t become too ‘nana’s nightgown’. Her casual hair and ear piece make the look cool as well as feminine and pretty. Keep this up Keira.

3. Felicity Jones in Balenciaga

I admire Felicity’s courage with this look as the pale pink Balenciaga dress could have turned into a ‘weird, unflattering nude look’ (yes we’re referring to Gwyneth Paltrow’s failed jumpsuit moment). She looks very ladylike in the form fitting assemble, complete with slick updo, drop earrings and pale clutch. I admire how tailored the dress is, which has been done flawlessly, a difficult achievement on a red carpet. She nails the beatiful subtlty of fashion icons of the past such as Jackie O, Grace Kelly and Princess Kate as well as acting as a reminder for us all that the red carpet is an invitation to be glamorous.

4. Emma Stone in Christian Dior Couture

Emma’s flawless red carpet run doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. Although choosing black she opts for an interesting look, enhanced by a red lip and sheer skirt. Although it took me a while to come around to the look, again she bravely defies the idea that a woman must wear a dress on the red carpet. The combination of a tuxedo with ajoining sheer skirt/train can be applauded as she balances interest with tradition. This look could easily have become too couture but the colour ensures that the dress is still SAG red carpet appropriate. Emma Stone always wears something interesting with a classy edge, seen with a subdued bun and round diamond earrings.

5. Reese Witherspoon in Georgio  Armani/Viola Davis in custom Max Mara

Is it just me or was every ‘white dress’ moment at the SAG Awards perfection? Alright so I’m really talking about the glamorous Reese and Viola. Both kept it simple but boring it was anything but. I know I rage about monochrome on the carpet but these two ladies nailed their looks. Reese’s works due to what I would call ‘interesting accessorizing’ by choosing a bright pink lip and casual ponytail the dress is not left to carry the look. Similarly Viola used the clean palette to go all out with diamonds. But the key to their success is ‘fresh’, both looks are sexy, red carpet appropriate and a change from the texture trend at the SAG awards (lace was all over the carpet that night). I’m definitely celebrating the return of ‘interesting simple’ on the carpet.

Reese Witherspoon

Viola Davis

Something to Note

My Top 5 looks win for different reasons, a key reason is that they are different- I’m more likely to go towards a look that is brave and works than a sleek black look. My Top 5 represent women who understand that the best dressed is not left to the dress but to how the look is put together. Since this is the case I’ve decided to have a list of runner up looks that may not have been as daring or as polished or as red carpet appropriate but still deserve some fashion love.

SAG runner ups:

– Maisie Williams

– Julie Bowen

– Emmy Rossum

– Shaun Robinson

Red Glitter Slippers xx

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