2015 SAG Awards Debrief – Worst Dressed

Hello Readers,

It’s been a busy few weeks and therefore my awards posts may be quite slow.

However at present sit back and let me tell you about the SAGS disasters…

1. Sarah Hyland in custom Vera Wang

This will be an unpopular view I’m sure but I just struggle in every way, shape and form to love the dress. I think the bodice is covered in a very strange floral 3D embellishments which don’t work. It’s a bit too couture for the SAGs. The skirt I love even less with the sheer black overlay fine by itself but beneath it, it’s chaos. Every crinkle and crease and curve that the underlay is meant to prevent or hide shows up. It’s supposed to be nude but comes off a weird yellow colour which clashes with sarah’s skin tone in complete contrast in what it’s purpose is. Almost every colourful look she wears she graces best dressed lists, she should have followed the tried and true path.

2. Jennifer Anniston in vintage John Galliano

Yuck. Double Yuck. In a similar situation to Sarah, Jennifer is in a colour that doesn’t photograph well and does not suit her. The colour is wrong being a goldy, nudy, sickly yellow tone, the bodice is a terrible fit with cleavage everywhere and did she run out of time to do her hair? If she exchanged her vomit coloured dress for a tie dyed sarong I would have sworn she were at the beach. The metallic tattoos are too young for her and look tacky. The only redeeming quality? The slinky silouhette suits her figure. That’s the only nice thing I can say about the look.

3.Lorelei Linklater in Honor

Blue tipped hair. Check. Huge bell sleeves. Check. Long Black modest skirt. Check. I have officially created a new trend category y’all… Nun- Gothic. Thank you Lorelai for being my inspiration. The look is a hot, hot mess. The fit makes her look middle aged and she lost a neck due to all the black fabric. To fix: Change the neckline to a v shape, cut the bell sleeves, shorten the length to be thigh lhigh and ditch the dye. While it would become a pretty bland dress at least it wouldn’t have blinded me with it’s awfulness. I’m sorry but how? why? who let you leave the house?

4. Anna Chlumsky in Escada

A lot about this dress is confusing. My main mind struggle is with the shiny silver top. If you were to leave the dress with the same rusty red fabric, as a simple sweetheart neckline you would have a classic, fresh look. Her paired back hair and statement earrings would have gone so well. She wouldn’t have gotten top best dressed honours but I think she would have appeared on a few top ten lists. The silver bodice top looks like it’s from outer space and the cut of the sleeves widens her shoulders enormously. A case of too little intervention too late.

5. Laverne Cox in Johanna Johnson

After being inspired by Lorelai and her nun-gothic look here’s another category for you… Bad Prom. The cheap pink satin fabric, the terrible fit and the over abundance of jewels reminds me of a sixteen year old at their first dance. The only difference would be that a dress you wore to a formal at sixteen is forgiveable but as a fully grown woman at the SAGS? not a chance. The train does no favours and her hair extensions and glittery accessories only reiterate how ‘Bad Prom’ her look is. Unsalvageable.

Who was your SAGs worst dressed?

Red Glitter Slippers xx

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