Part of the Tribe – luxe vs less

Hello Readers,

So here’s the deal.. gladiators are back. While I thought I’d left them behind a good five or six years ago I’m now dusting them off as they are currently ‘socially acceptable.’ However not only are they back but new and improved. They are considerably more wearable than the cheap black Target rubbers ones that cut me off at the ankles. Think brown light leathers rather than black, tie ups rather than zipping them up the back due to all the little buckles and the ditching of the buckles almost altogether. 2015’s gladiators are the hippier, lighter version of 2008’s gladiators. Wear them with chambray paperbag shorts, breezy plain t shirts, delicate stone jewellry and a brightly patterned head scarf if your feeling fabulous.

Here are some of my best affordable and extravagant picks…



Aphrodite Leather Sandals


valentino gladiators

Free People

Great Lengths Sandals


free people shoes



FLO Suede Tie Leg Sandals


asos wrap sandals


Heaven Gladiator Sandals

$50 (approx)

topshop sandals

So hurry up and tie on your gladiators and join us in exploring the urban jungle..

Until next time

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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