Cinderella Film Premieres – Top Looks

Hello Readers,

Lily James as Cinderella in the live action big budget film can only mean one thing. Lots and Lots of red carpet opportunities and lots and lots of well known designer gowns. Here’s five of her best looks..

1. Disneyland Resort Screening in Elie Saab

If there is one place where Lily had to wear a princess outfit it has to be Disneyland and she didn’t disappoint. Her gorgeous curls, red lips and embellished gown made her resemble a princess. I’m sure all of the littlies coming along in their costumes would have felt like they were really meeting Cinderella. Lily looked old world stunning.

2. Tokyo Press Conference in Valentino

I really really really love this dress. It’s the perfect mix between playful and sophistication. The decorative gold stars, moon and night sky don’t look childish but appropriate on the dress. Navy is a good colour choice for fair haired Lily. While I think she could have had her hair in a slick ponytail I like how it’s been straightened. Her simple nude pumps are a perfect addition to let the dress shine.

3. Milan Photo call in Erdem

COLOUR. Wow. Comparing some of the lighter colours that wash Lily out the deep red dress was a much needed interlude. It made her look more tanned and she stands out in the red colour. I love how it’s such a contrast to the more washed out dresses she chose to wore.This was the only block colour look in the whole tour. Her hair looks lovely curled at the front, framing her face. Generally at a good premiere run this look would be pretty average, nothing special but in comparison she just looks so much better. (Also I’m definitely getting some spanish/flamenco influences here- I don’t know about you guys!). I even like the black shoes, they make the outfit sexy.

4. London Premiere in Balenciaga

I oddly quite like this look. It reminds me of a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ era soldier’s jacket with the thick woollen- looking material and the big gold buttons/clasps. I love her hair pushed back behind her shoulder and simple make up however as with many of her looks I longed for more. Even a gorgeous gold Edie Parker clutch with ‘Cinderella’ on it would have done wonders for the look. It’s not that the dress is a let down it just looks incredibly plain without any accessories. However Kudos Lily for the dress fitting so well.

5. Berlin Premiere in Dior

Look I’m not particularly fond of this dresses material but where this dress stands out is that it is quite a neutral colour but it’s warm. The pinky- peachy undertones don’t wash Lily out as much as the cooler toned neutrals. I like the folds at the top of the dress and how it sits on Lily. It doesn’t overwhelm her tiny frame but it gives a bit of a princess look. Her hair sitting naturally really works with the dress. I wish she’d added an antique diamond bracelet or some drop earrings for interest.

I’m quite disappointed with the variation of looks. It was either a princess dress or long sleeved embellished mini or tea length dress with very few looks in between. Lily also strayed from wearing much colour which was a bad move as many of the lighter blues, creams and white washed her out. Overall the lack of interesting looks didn’t impress at all.

What are your thoughts on the Cinderella press tour looks?

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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