2015 Logies Debrief – Best Dressed

Hello Readers,

Ahhh the Logies…the bogan version of the daytime emmy awards. For those who don’t live in Australia, the Logies is the one and only television awards show. Due to the dire lack of quality shows there are not only ‘most outstanding’ for best performance but ‘most popular’, so the younger generations tune in to see if their ‘Home and Away’ hotties get a silver statue. Because they voted them. Seriously it’s a joke. While the quantity of quality drama television produced can be counted on two hands the bevvy of reality shows means that most of the guests arrive looking like trash. Over in ‘Straya no one has a stylist and the amount of coutoure designers is tiny resulting in a lot of sequined messes and ill fitting dresses. If you see a lot of the Best Dressed wearing monochrome it’s because everyone else looked so disastrous I had to put them up there. Yes it is that bad.

Top Looks

1. Carrie Bickmore in J’aton

Wow. Topped the list in part for her outfit and in part for her incredible speech. A truly deserving winner for the gold logie. This beautiful silver dress didn’t swamp her small frame but was still dressy enough. There was the right amount of bling and her lips elevated the look when she could have gone for a simple nude or light pink. The V neckline deserves some praise as it balanced the train. Just an all round winner.

Carrie Bickmore

2. Melissa Doyle in George Elsissa

The ladies in red are killing it on the carpet. After black and metallics, red was one of the most popular colours worn on the logies carpet. I loved the dress on Melissa, as it accentuated her curves but was interesting with a little architectual flair. I appreciated her neat straight hair amongst a sea of wavy casual hair do’s. In black or white this dress would have been pretty but in fire engine red she stands out and has to be rewarded for that.

Mel Doyle

3. Megan Gale in Alex Perry

Yes it’s black and Yes it’s fitted but wowza does Megan wear this well. She’s so graceful and put together and I can’t help but fall in with this look. While the black sparkly fabric is quite generic, Megan’s dress was a change from the V necks, high splits and trains of many of the dresses at the Logies. The high neckline and bow exude class and most people couldn’t pull it off. The dress is fitted showing off her enviously amazing body and she tops it off with glittery hoops and a nice updo.

Megs gale

4. Demi Harman in Steven Khalil

Another lady in red, she came second to Melissa purely to the shape of the dress. As the Logies are quite a casual awards occasion it was pushing the formality boundaries, almost a bit too ‘red carpet’. With that being said Demi worked the red look and it suited her dark hair and pale skin perfectly. I love the addition of the red lip as the dress itself was quite simple. She’s done well for a ‘Home and Away’ gal.

demi harman

5. Rebecca Judd in J’aton

Almost the only reliable red carpet best dressed, Rebecca (despite having very little claim to fame other than a footballer husband) nails it. Every time. She acts as a symbol of what many Australian actresses could dress like, emulating the style of Hollywood red carpet mainstays such as Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie and Diane Kruger. She, like Diane, can pull of almost any colour and other than a terrible fake tan job shone in this gorgeous peach lace dress. With her model height and toned body she can also wear any style and puts everyone else to shame. She would be a regular on the top ten best dressed if she was famous in Hollywood.

Rebecca judd

6. . Asher Keddie in Alex Perry

While I’m slightly bias as saying I’m in love with her show ‘Offspring’ would be an understatement (Seriously go watch it now. Illegally if you have too!) she was one of the best in her dress category. Cheyenne Tozzi, Sonia Kruger and Jennifer Hawkins all wore very similar dresses. Cheyenne’s the sleeves were far too dramatic, white on Sonia wasn’t that flattering and I didn’t like the low neckline and high split of Jennifer’s dress. Asher’s laidback hair, drop earrings and cleavage bearing were done tastefully and classically. No complaints.

asher keddie

Who was your favourite?

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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