To designer or not to designer?

Hello Readers,

Just a little bit of pre warning, this post will have a tad more writing than my usual posts so why not grab a coffee or popcorn and sit back and scroll.

A recent article I read placed two similar dresses side by side, one of which were expensive and the other cheap, in order to see if there was much difference. To those who have a basic knowledge of haute coutoure it was blantantly obvious. However it got me thinking.. should we invest in designer?

My net-a-porter wish list is full of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that one day will fill my magical walk in wardrobe, similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s. But are my wish lists anywhere near realism. I mean I for one understand why some hand sewn encrusted Dolce & Gabbana shoes are $1500 but putting myself in the shoes (get it?!) of most people there’s no denying it’s a lot of money. So here is my list of designer do’s and don’ts. What to save and splurge on and what not to feel guilty for buying a knock off for.


Classic, statement pieces, often what we spend our designer coins on can run into being $4,000 – $6,000 per bag. Obviously for a famous bag such as an Hermes the price tag will be enormous. The trick is to buy two or three investment bags in grey, black, white or cream that will last until the end of time. But for bag trends choose purses that are in the vicinity of $150- $500. This way they aren’t dirt cheap and fall apart quickly but aren’t so expensive that if you end up not using them much you can pass them to a friend or sell them and make some of your money back.


The idea that designer shoes are more comfortable than cheaper shoes could not be farther from the truth. Just because it has ‘Sophia Webster’ slapped onto the bottom doesn’t mean your in comfort city. I’m going to differ from popular opinion but I say invest in designer shoes that are flat. Boots, ballet flats and smoking slippers are the shoes you tend to live in (or at least the majority of us do!) and it makes more sense to buy some Chloe leather flats that you wear to work most days than a pair of Manolo’s you might wear three times per year. Not to say that you can’t splurge on heels. In some instances you should, classic neutral heels for instance. But focus your money on what you will wear the most. I’m sure you can find some knock offs of those crazy Alexander McQueen’s and instead invest in some Stuart Weitzman ‘nudist’ sandals.


Spending dollars on designer clothing make for tricky decisions. While the classics are easy – blazers, tailored pants, trench coats – it’s a different story when it comes to everyday wear. Personally, if there’s one piece I want it’s a mini dress. A colourful, interesting and maybe patterned mini. By having at least one well fitted and good quality dress you have something to wear to occasions such as weddings, graduations, special parties, dinners etc. Items like jeans, casual t shirts, skirts and shorts I would delegate less money too. You wear them out quite quickly and often, like in the case of denim, denim speciality stores will do denims better such as Levis, Lee and 7 for all mankind.

What is at the top of your designer wish list?

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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