Heavy Metal – Luxe vs Less

Hello Readers,

I feel like at some point almost all types of jewellery go though a revolution of sorts. In recent times it’s been the ring, with the midi ring craze. Necklaces have been pared back with thing delicate chains in style, while bracelets with engraved idioms. Now it’s the humble earring’s turn. I’m loving the ode to metals with coppery, rose gold, silver, dark metals as well as the inclusion of pearls, crystals or stones. Run don’t walk to be apart of this growing trend.


Jemma Wynne

18 karat gold, diamond and pearl earrings


net a porter earrings

Yossi Harari

18-karat gold pearl earrings


yossi earrings


Palazzo Pearl-Backed Studs


palazzo earrings



Pearl Earcuff Earrings


pearl earrings zara

Forever 21

Triangle Charm Threader Earrings


treader earrings


Limited Edition Semi-Circle Through Earrings


threader earrings

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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