Billboards 2015 Best Dressed Debrief

Hello Readers,

The Billboard music awards have been and gone. Phew! There are so many music awards it’s hard to keep up! I was really really disappointed with the lack of great looks on the carpet. A lot of people just got it terribly wrong. Here are the few that I actually like/don’t mind!

 Taylor Swift

An obvious choice amongst the crazy, kooky and just plain bad outfits. The white jumpsuit accentuates  her height and figure. The cut outs are a cool adition while the neckline shows a little cleavage for good ol’ T-Swizzle. While it’s not her most amazing outfit she shines in her simplicity. (Seriously almost everyone went overboard at the billboards!)

 Carissa Alvarado

I LOVED her look on the Billboards carpet, proving that less is more. Many of the other starlets went for multiple colours, textures, strange hemlines- most of the looks at the Billboards were over the top and this dress was lovely in it’s simplicity.The cut outs are in at the moment and the dress flatters her figure. Nice Job.

Tori Kelly

Again. Simplicity is winning. This long sleeved mini dress is perfect for the Billboard carpet. I love the fringe, it adds texture and the fit of the dress is perfect for her. I really like where the dress hits her. It’s perfect. Her hair suits the look and her shoes add to the simple white dress. Can’t wait to see more of her on the carpet!

tori kelly

Kendall Jenner

I’ll start this debrief by saying the shoes are not my favourite. However do they suit the look? yes. Apart from the shoes I like the tuxedo dress. Tuxedos for women have been popular on the red carpet whether in a suit or dress style. Kendall has the figure to pull it off with the V neckline balancing the all black bottom half and the embellishment is really cool.

Really disappointed – the worst dressed list will be so much funnier. If anyone’s a stylists head on over to Hollywood! They need you right now!

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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