Designers and the ‘It’ bag.

Hello Readers,

I’m sure you’ve all noticed before I have that ‘It’ bags certainly aren’t established overnight. Yet it seems like every Designer label has an ‘It’ bag. Just as Jennifer Lawrence shines for Dior, Diane Kruger is a Chanel devote and Kim/Kanye love Givenchy, all official/unofficial spokespeople, it seems like every fashion house has that one special bag. The one you peer through the shop glass at because you simply can’t go into the actual store due to judgement. The one that every girl saves up all her pennies for. The bag always featured in their advertisements. Others are ‘trendy’ but these are ‘classic’. The one you refer to as an ‘investment’ so people don’t think your crazy for spending so much.

However the problem with the ‘It’ bag is that ‘everyone’ (and their mother) has one. While fashion is all about pushing boundaries and being abstract (or so I’m told) how come we all have to have an ‘it’ bag? Whether it be the striped duffle bag from countryroad I got for my twelth birthday because everyone in my year at school had one or a quilted, lambskin Chanel does the ‘it’ bag lose it’s magic when we all have one?

I think it’s important when buying a popular bag to consider the style, size and materials that suit you. While I love the classic Chanel bag in black I really love it in grey. Small points of differentiation will set you apart. Another problem with buying an ‘it’ bag is that often it is badly recreated into knock off’s. The last thing you want is for your thousand dollar bag to be made to look cheap. Avoid designer logo prints as these tend to look the cheapest. As time goes on different sizes, styles and ‘makes’ of the bag will come out, choose a vintage pre owned bag and it’s far more likely you’ll look chic and unique.

Regardless of whether your stick to an original version or you go all out in a print, the magic of the ‘it’ bag is the way it makes you feel. So while an ‘it’ bag won’t make you an ‘it’ girl’, having the ‘it’ bag can boost your confidence in the way you style and feel about yourself. Start saving!

Here’s a list of what I consider a few designer’s ‘It’ bag…

Balenciaga – City Bag

Louis Vouitton – Neverfull Tote Bag

Alexander Wang – Rocco Bag

Chanel – 2.55 flap bag

Celine – Luggage tote

Dior – Lady Bag

Chloe – Marcie Bag

Phillip Lim 3.1 – Pashli Bags

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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