Shopping Holidays?!

Hello Readers,

Despite the hordes of UK and US stores landing on our shores, the price differences down under have never been greater. Despite have Sephora, the limited brands and expensive prices make it more cheaper to get a friend or family member to pick it up when their overseas. Forever 21 have upped their prices and so have Zara. So why is it that we can’t get price equality? I understand a little bit of tax and a little bit of shipping but there are products sold at Sephora for $15-20 more in Australia than the US. Therefore let me introduce you to a growing trend…

‘The Shopping Holiday’

While the internet has been helpful in being able to buy products from more stores, getting good deals and paying online is easier. The problem is in some countries you will can’t access popular brands, particularly in Australia a lot of global brands aren’t available. With flights becoming cheaper and exchange rates are alright for some serious fashionistas they save more by flying over to another country and shopping for a few days than shipping products over.

The key country involved is the US. Having been to the US, their department stores are cheaper, they have wider range and just far more classic brands than Australia has. Every time I go over I bring a half empty suit case and stock up! However great the shopping is I can safely say I probably won’t be going on a shopping holiday and I don’t think the idea will take off any time soon. But it is a reminder to save your dollars and cents to splurge on trips and do a bit of research. If you don’t need those jimmy choos right now you could save a few hundred!

Here’s a few things you can save money on by waiting to shop overseas or getting a friend or family member to buy it for you…

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Australia: $51ย US: $28

Saving: $23

Jimmy Choo Abel Patent Pump

Australia: $679 US: $575

Saving : $104

Kate Spade 5 o’clock metro watch

Australia : $240 US: $175

Saving: $65

Converse Chuck Taylorsย 

Australia: $90 US: $50

Saving : $40

MAC lipsticks

Australia: $33 US: $16

Saving: $17

Red Glitter Slippers xx

Note: Sorry about the lack of visuals I haven’t been able to upload photos!


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