How to dress like…Gabby from Young&Hungry

   Hello Readers,

One of my absolute favourite shows at the moment is Young&Hungry starring Emily Osement. Being a huge fan of Hannah Montana it’s kind of like seeing how Lily turned out! I like how while the show might be seemingly skewed towards disney audiences there’s a lot of innuendo which makes it funny to watch as an adult. I love Gabby’s fashion and I think the show’s stylists have done a great job in dressing Emily. While there’s a lot of bright colours, layering and heels going on it’s not over the top. Continue reading for some inspiration on how to look like Gabby!

topshop dress


Petite Striped Jacquard Dress


anthro apron


Task Apron


etched coin necklace

Forever 21

Etched coin statement necklace 


camel booties


‘Drea’ Peep Toe Leather Sandal


Red Glitter Slippers xx

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