Trend – Wedge booties.

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As Summer fades away in the Northern Hemisphere, I for one am overjoyed. Here in Australia this winter was really cold and it’s still not warming up yet ( I have my fingers crossed for September!) While your all still working on your tans and enjoying your long summer holidays I thought for those who are keen for the winter woolies and darker colours I would do a debrief of a winter trend. A recent trend that’s come to my attention is the ankle wedge boot.

There must be something in the haute coutoure air as so many designers have released a take on the shoe. It’s my favourite ‘heeled’ boot for winter due to it’s practicality, you won’t be slipping through grates on the ground or getting your shoes stuck in muddy grass. Pair a tan or camel ankle wedge with midwash denim skinny’s and coloured patterned kimono to style and strut your stuff.

wedge booties collage

(Description starts left to right beginning at the top row)

Lanvin suede wedge ankle boots $695

Robert Clergerie sarla leather wedge ankle boots $695

Balenciaga suede wedge ankle boots $965

Chloe leather wedge boots $995

Lucky Brand ‘Yoniana’ wedge bootie $201.76


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WTWTAW!? or What to wear to a wedding?!

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The age old dilemma,

‘What To Wear To A Wedding?’ is not one that is easily solved. With white,cream and black being generally out of the question for those who love monochrome colours it can be tough to find dresses or formal outfits to suit the occasion. Not only what to wear but how much will it cost?! To buy new shoes or a new dress or accessory can add up. Never fear! I’ve covered the ‘what’ and the ‘how much’ for you!

I decided to put together three outfits that you could wear to a wedding in different price categories to cover all the bases.

UNDER $1000

opening ceremony drez    KS sparkly pumps  i do necklace

Opening Ceremony -‘Puckered Stretch jersey mini dress’ $540

Kate Spade – ‘Karolina Pump’ $328

Kate Spade – ‘I do’ necklace $78

UNDER $500

anthro dress brown leather sandals grey clutch

Anthropologie- ‘split print dress’ $198

Franco Sarto – ‘Montage leather sandals $124.48

Topshop – Suede fold over clutch $50

UNDER $100 

asos wedding dress  espradille wedge f21gold cut out earrings

New Look -‘Printed Maxi Dress’ $40

Forever 21- Espadrille Wedge Sandals $32.90

H&M – Long Earrings $9.95


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Current Lust List.

Hello Readers,

Correct me if I’m wrong but why does it seem to me that my list of fashion ‘wants’ doesn’t really decrease but just gets longer and longer?! Ahh the pain of loving fashion! Here’s a few more wishlist items (a couple fashion and a couple decor/edible!) to add to the list!

Lust list

Typo A2 Felt Notice Board – $79.99

Kate Spade Cedar Street Hayden – $358

Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Smoked Glass Teranium – $39

Cronuts (Depends where you buy them! Speedo’s cafe in Bondi, Sydney are amazing!)

Quay ‘My Girl’ Sunglasses – $50

Marni Leather ankle boots – $920

Dolce & Gabbana Printed Silk Mini Dress – $3,959


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Style Files – Laura Marano

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Laura Marano from the disney channel show, Austin & Ally, is one to watch. With the show approaching it’s final episode it’s a chance for Laura to star in new projects resulting in more red carpet appearances! I can’t wait to see whether she brings it or not!

Here are three of her top recent looks and one not so great look…

Top 3 Looks

2015 CMT Music Awards

I love this vampy look on Laura. During this year compared to the last couple she’s experimented with more grown up styles, less mini dresses and more jumpsuits. Love the pop of purple and the cut of the shoes make her look a little bit taller. The capelet is  so in right now and her loose waves are a nice contrast to the formality of the jumpsuit.

LM CMT music awards

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

I like how this outfit combines the girly style of a crop top and mini skirt with strong lines and ‘tough’ materials such as the leather of the crop. She’s kept it classy with just a little midriff showing. This outfit makes Laura’s legs look really long which is an advantage as she is on the shorter side. The bright red clutch is a nice addition.

LM skirt crop

Bad Hair Day Premiere

I cannot tell you enough how much I love the sherbet orange colour of Laura’s pants! The white crop and shoes keep the look light and I prefer it much more than if she had worn black or grey. The beachy hair works well with this relaxed look.

LM bhd

Worst Look

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2015

This was a big misstep from Laura who often gets it right on red carpets. Her tan matched the orange carpet rather than looking like a summer glow and her hair is a little overstyled for the occasion, the big curls seem a little dated. While the colour of the dress was alright it wasn’t fitted properly and the material didn’t photograph well. It came across as a shiny ice skating dress.

Laura marano bad look

What do you think? Also check out my last ‘Style File’ here!


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Trend – Kitschy Accessories

Hello Readers,

Don’t let this Summer go without kitsching up plain tees, denim shorts and plain sandals. For the stylish gals who don’t particularly like bright colours or big patterns these accessories are the perfect way to inject some fun into your outfits. With everything listed pricing in at under $100 you don’t have to spend a lot to look good. Here are my top 8 accessories from ASOS you NEED to have this Summer…

1. Walls Feast Ice Cream Clutch Bag – $39

ice cream clutch

2. Millie Flat shoes – $78

flat shoes

3. Walls Mini Milk iphone 6 case – $15.50

mini milk phone case

4. Skinnydip Pineapple Juice Across Body Bag – $50

pineapple juice bag

5. Embellished collar – $24

asos embellished

6.Bubblegum clutch bag – $35

asos bubblegum bag

7. LA LA OOH Ballet Flats – $36

oh lala asos flats

8. Coconut scratch & sniff nail stickers – $6

scratch and sniff nail art

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Fashion Hacks/Tips 101 – Part 1

Hello Readers,

Have you ever been in a sticky situation where a fashion hack is needed? Or have broken clothes that you might still want to wear but don’t know how? I have a few tips and tricks in the first instalment of my Fashion hacks/tips series so stay tuned for more!

1. Black stretchy singlet top = black mini skirt in emergencies!

Spills, dropped food and ‘the crimson wave’ are all part of life but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be semi- prepared for it. Your top can double as a simple black mini skirt if you’ve somehow ruined your pants. I’m not saying if a tiny bit of ketch up falls on your jeans you completely change your outfit but if worst comes to worst wearing singlets when layering might come in handy one day!

2. Cut up clothes to make new ones!

I had a dress that was too short but I loved the bottom half of it. Since it was elasticated around the waist I decided to cut the top of it off. The sewn in elastic was the top of the skirt and it prevented the fabric from coming apart. However unless you intend to sew the top of the skirt I suggest you just wear this one under other tops.

3. Shoes a tad small? Get your hair dryers out girls!

Shoes that are half a size too small can be easily fixed by putting on the shoes with thick socks and using a hair dryer to warm and stretch the leather. Just be aware that if the shoes are a few sizes too small it might be best to return your shoes if their new or to sell them if their older.

4. Back to black 

Perhaps this is more common sense than anything but having white socks filling my draws I tried to negotiate the tricky gap between ankle boots and denim cut offs. Even when jeans could fit in my boots while I walked around my jeans would pull out – ya feel me?! Wearing black socks just makes more sense and from far away makes your look more streamlined without the awkward peep of white.

5. Necklaces wrapped around wrists = bracelets!

If you want a chunky bracelet look wrap long necklaces around your wrist. It’s a simple but effective look if you want to add some more texture to your outfit. Super easy and cheap to do!

6. Match your pumps to your skin tone for that model height!

I love how nude pumps can give you the illusion of longer legs; being on the shorter side I can always do with looking taller, however mismatching the shade of shoes can completely throw off this illusion. Look for shoes similar to how you’d look for a foundation. Warm or cool and light and dark – it can make a huge difference.

7. Don’t like the top of a dress? Cover it with a crop

There are several dresses in my closet that I love the skirt of but don’t like the top. My friends and I often add crop tops to either cover the unflattering top half of the dress, make the dress warmer (a long sleeved crop) and to get more wear out of certain dresses. This can be a really great solution if you’ve bought crop tops but aren’t so swell about exposing your midriff!

8. Winter coverings perfectly double as blankets!

Big scarves, warm capes and large woollen ponchos are perfect for the movies where they can double as blankets. This might be a bit lame but it’s come in handy a few times to wear a blanket-like cape. Trust me! Try it!

Do you have any great fashion tips or tricks? Comment below!


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Over The Knee Boots – part 2

Hello Readers,

In the previous OTKB instalment on Red Glitter Slippers I gave you all a few ideas of over the knee boots to buy whether you were on the ‘cheapie’ end of the scale or looking for something a little more expensive. You’ve walked in to the store and handed over the cash or card you’ve worked hard for and bam, you have some shiny new boots to play with. You get home and it hits you.. how do I wear over the knee boots? Often my blog posts are really wordy but I wanted this one to be full of inspiration whether you needed a new way to wear yours or you have no idea where to start hopefully your creative juices will flow and you’ll be strutting your stuff in no time!


otkb dresses


liv palermo pants_Fotor_Collage

How do you prefer to wear your OTKB? Let me know in the comments!


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MCA Sydney. ‘Fashpiration’.

Hello Readers,

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration and something to get the creative juices running. I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. I wish and doubly wish that I took more photos and promise next time to do so! I believe that part of styling, trends and fashion is taking inspiration from the world around (hippy thinking I know!) but I came out feeling a little more cultured and exhausted having done some thought provoking analysing of art.

Let me know if you’d like me to post more of my little explorations for you.

IMG_0764_2IMG_0775IMG_0759_2 IMG_0758IMG_0778_2

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The Sizing Debacle.

Hello Readers,

I read an article recently about ‘Kookai’ a French brand that’s become a necessary part of any party girl’s wardrobe. I kid you not any club on the weekend, at least half the girls will be wearing something from Kookai. And the fact that half of these girls will be wearing Kookai is part of the issue the article brings up. The article finds the idea that there are only two sizes aimed at petite women quite silly when the average girl is a lot bigger. I understand that every brand has niches but two sizes- 0,2 and I think in some products 4 leaves a bit to be desired in the ‘variety’ category.

While I actively follow the debate on stores shaming larger or smaller girls with sizes that either are too big or too small I wanted this article to be about the importance of a number. Regardless of the store whether they use european system, they start with 0 or 8, these numbers will still carry meaning. With smaller sizes being seen as an achievement and a larger size considered an alarm to start eating more salads and exercising.

But should we put so much emphasis on letters and numbers on clothes? I think we have to stop convincing ourselves to squeeze into smaller jeans or to deatox to fit in a dress we wore back in high school. I came to this realisation when I was umming and arring between two pairs of jeans, one a little too tight and the other a little lose. The pride in me convinced me that I should keep the smaller size.

The result? I rarely ever wear the jeans and if I do am constantly worried about the muffin top that has been created. Girls, it’s time to ignore the connotations to do with size. All it is, is a number and sizes change so much between companies you may be the desirable small in one but get a size 14 somewhere else. What fits best is the size that looks good on you.

one size fits all label

5 girls with different body shapes trying on a ‘one size fits all’ skirt. 

Demonstrating how having limited or few sizes is really not beneficial to anyone!

Photo sourced from Buzzfeed.

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