The Sizing Debacle.

Hello Readers,

I read an article recently about ‘Kookai’ a French brand that’s become a necessary part of any party girl’s wardrobe. I kid you not any club on the weekend, at least half the girls will be wearing something from Kookai. And the fact that half of these girls will be wearing Kookai is part of the issue the article brings up. The article finds the idea that there are only two sizes aimed at petite women quite silly when the average girl is a lot bigger. I understand that every brand has niches but two sizes- 0,2 and I think in some products 4 leaves a bit to be desired in the ‘variety’ category.

While I actively follow the debate on stores shaming larger or smaller girls with sizes that either are too big or too small I wanted this article to be about the importance of a number. Regardless of the store whether they use european system, they start with 0 or 8, these numbers will still carry meaning. With smaller sizes being seen as an achievement and a larger size considered an alarm to start eating more salads and exercising.

But should we put so much emphasis on letters and numbers on clothes? I think we have to stop convincing ourselves to squeeze into smaller jeans or to deatox to fit in a dress we wore back in high school. I came to this realisation when I was umming and arring between two pairs of jeans, one a little too tight and the other a little lose. The pride in me convinced me that I should keep the smaller size.

The result? I rarely ever wear the jeans and if I do am constantly worried about the muffin top that has been created. Girls, it’s time to ignore the connotations to do with size. All it is, is a number and sizes change so much between companies you may be the desirable small in one but get a size 14 somewhere else. What fits best is the size that looks good on you.

one size fits all label

5 girls with different body shapes trying on a ‘one size fits all’ skirt. 

Demonstrating how having limited or few sizes is really not beneficial to anyone!

Photo sourced from Buzzfeed.

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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