Fashion Hacks/Tips 101 – Part 1

Hello Readers,

Have you ever been in a sticky situation where a fashion hack is needed? Or have broken clothes that you might still want to wear but don’t know how? I have a few tips and tricks in the first instalment of my Fashion hacks/tips series so stay tuned for more!

1. Black stretchy singlet top = black mini skirt in emergencies!

Spills, dropped food and ‘the crimson wave’ are all part of life but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be semi- prepared for it. Your top can double as a simple black mini skirt if you’ve somehow ruined your pants. I’m not saying if a tiny bit of ketch up falls on your jeans you completely change your outfit but if worst comes to worst wearing singlets when layering might come in handy one day!

2. Cut up clothes to make new ones!

I had a dress that was too short but I loved the bottom half of it. Since it was elasticated around the waist I decided to cut the top of it off. The sewn in elastic was the top of the skirt and it prevented the fabric from coming apart. However unless you intend to sew the top of the skirt I suggest you just wear this one under other tops.

3. Shoes a tad small? Get your hair dryers out girls!

Shoes that are half a size too small can be easily fixed by putting on the shoes with thick socks and using a hair dryer to warm and stretch the leather. Just be aware that if the shoes are a few sizes too small it might be best to return your shoes if their new or to sell them if their older.

4. Back to black 

Perhaps this is more common sense than anything but having white socks filling my draws I tried to negotiate the tricky gap between ankle boots and denim cut offs. Even when jeans could fit in my boots while I walked around my jeans would pull out – ya feel me?! Wearing black socks just makes more sense and from far away makes your look more streamlined without the awkward peep of white.

5. Necklaces wrapped around wrists = bracelets!

If you want a chunky bracelet look wrap long necklaces around your wrist. It’s a simple but effective look if you want to add some more texture to your outfit. Super easy and cheap to do!

6. Match your pumps to your skin tone for that model height!

I love how nude pumps can give you the illusion of longer legs; being on the shorter side I can always do with looking taller, however mismatching the shade of shoes can completely throw off this illusion. Look for shoes similar to how you’d look for a foundation. Warm or cool and light and dark – it can make a huge difference.

7. Don’t like the top of a dress? Cover it with a crop

There are several dresses in my closet that I love the skirt of but don’t like the top. My friends and I often add crop tops to either cover the unflattering top half of the dress, make the dress warmer (a long sleeved crop) and to get more wear out of certain dresses. This can be a really great solution if you’ve bought crop tops but aren’t so swell about exposing your midriff!

8. Winter coverings perfectly double as blankets!

Big scarves, warm capes and large woollen ponchos are perfect for the movies where they can double as blankets. This might be a bit lame but it’s come in handy a few times to wear a blanket-like cape. Trust me! Try it!

Do you have any great fashion tips or tricks? Comment below!


Red Glitter Slippers xx


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