Is it it a bag or an oversized keychain? #microbags

Hello Readers,

As far as trends go generally I’m happy to jump on the trend-train in some way, shape or form. But as for the microbag trend I’m not sure If this is one I’ll try or leave. Designers such as Fend, Dior, Tory Burch, Saint Laurent, Valentino and more have brought out mini bag. Most are either small replicas of their classic bags or a simple new design.

Despite being enamoured by the idea of a teensy tiny purse (I mean if you were rich enough and had a little girl you could buy one for her one for you – adorable!) but the reality of a bag so small meant the novelty died quickly. Having done my research most will barely fit more than an iphone 6, a couple of cards and maybe a lipstick. The problem is that we already have a practical, cheaper solution – hello designer wallets and coin purses?! So do you need or leave this trend?

As a cheaper alternative to a wallet I get it but unless you have money trees and can afford your regular sized designer bag having its own designer bag I would say save the money. It might seem like a good idea but if your looking for a regular sized designer bag, the microbags are starting at around $1000 so you may as well keep saving.

From huge, oversized bags to mini microbags can a designer please come out with an exciting regular sized bag?!

That’s my request of the day! Over and out,

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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