Red Carpet Debrief – Teen Choice Awards 2015 Worst Dressed

Hello Readers,

Where there are winners there are bound to be losers. Regardless of getting a surfboard or not there are some tiny teen stars who didn’t quite dress for the occasion! Here are my 6 worst dressed of the night! Best Dressed coming soon…

Britney Spears

britney spears worst

Britney. Oh Britney. Not unfamiliar to the teen world but obviously to the changes in style she looks like she’s stuck at age eighteen. The dual coloured dye in her hair did nothing to convince me she has any style at all. The dress was too short and way too much cleavage was on display. However the strappy sandals and pretty fabric of the dress helped to redeem the look a little bit (okay not much but it was something!)

Bella Thorne

bella thorne worst

When your asking questions like ‘is it a dress or a long top?’ perhaps it’s time to change. While orange was a great colour on her and showed off her figure I can’t help but imagine how good an extra 15cm of fabric and straps would have done for the outfit. Her shoes, clutch and hair were all great choices for the carpet.

Lea Michele

Lea michele worst dressed teen choice

Argghhh that hair. Are you fifteen or twentyeight that is the question? I can forgive younger stars for their High- School-Musical-Sharpay hair but Lea’s been to enough carpets to know that the hair is just a little too juvenile. I wish that the whole dress had either been blue or red (I’m gunning for red as she’s wearing red heels) with a slick ponytail. Much more sophisticated.

Nina Dobrev

nina dobrev worst teen

Lots of pink sequins in different shades and black mesh fashioned into flame shapes? It shouldn’t work as well as it sounds but that’s not enough to save the dress. This, I think will divide some of you readers whether it should be on the best or worst post! My problem is that it looks more like a dance/ice skating costume than a stunning red carpet look and the gradient sequins are a bit dated. I also think I expect more from Nina and the overall look was just a bit ‘meh’.

Chloe Moretz

chloe moretz worst teen choice

I have an intense phobia of snakes and that’s why this look was probably always going to end up on my ‘worst’ dressed post. But come on? From a distance I thought she was holding a real live snake and that doesn’t look hot on anyone. The red lips, straight hair, black sandals and skirt part of the dress are great but the snake top isn’t fitted properly, a weird shade of green and I cannot get over how frightenly realistic the snake looks. It’s a no from me.

Willow Shieldsย 

willow smith worst dressed teen

Why does she have an oversized lego block around her waist? Is that a striped mat on her bottom half? Willow are you there amongst the strangely coloured fabric? Where is her stylist?! Her stylist needs to go to styling school. Nothing in this outfit suits her

BONUS Worst Dressed…

Alli Simpson

alli simpson

With no real claim to fame I’m ashamed as an Australian that this horrific outfit is one of the few representing us over in the US of A. I don’t know what she was thinking but the draping pants/fringe heels/black silky top/red bag/bad roots combination is not a winning one. I’m all for mixing it up on the carpet but tailored pants, a cute two piece or even a dressy romper would have done wonders. Gal pal it’s still a ‘red carpet’ not a trip to the shopping mall.

Do you agree or disagree?

Over and Out with love,

Red Glitter slippers xx


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