5 months old…and getting older, wiser and a little more fabulous.

Hello Readers,

How crazy is it when you reach milestones? Not the typical ‘It’s our 35 hour anniversary’ by a couple of fifteen year olds but proper, grown up anniversaries! The thing about anniversaries is that they remind you of how far you’ve come! Let’s uncork the champagne and open a tub of ice cream and settle in for this post.

I have to be honest I have really shared much about who I am in my posts (although hopefully my humour’s come through!) A little more about me.. I started this blog during this particular year as it’s my first year out of school. I always wanted to start a  fashion blog but never had time or wasn’t interesting enough or one of a hundred other excuses. But one day I did (I know your thinking ‘obviously’) But what I’ve realised is how much I love it.

I love walking down a street or reading a magazine or flicking through instagram and being inspired. Though fashion isn’t meant to be a ‘serious’ topic there are far more than a few amazing fashion bloggers who are proving the ‘haters’ wrong. What I love about fashion is how it can change someone’s confidence or show the world a little personality. Does it seem silly to type away about it? maybe. But I once styled a friend of mine after she spoke about how much she didn’t really like shopping – she didn’t think anything looked good on her. As corny as it is I was so happy when she liked the girl she saw in the mirror. That’s kind of when I knew that if I was going to start a blog it would be for everyone, not just talking about myself or celebrities or how to look a certain way but a bit of everything.

I wanted to thank all of you for subscribing or visiting or viewing. I honestly squealed when I saw that someone had liked a post for the first time. It was crazy that anyone would want to read what I was writing. Hopefully in the future I can improve my photography skills, I want to post some OOTD’s and just keep writing interesting stuff! If you have any suggestions write it down in the comment section!

‘I’m not afraid of heights…Have you seen my heels?’    – Carrie Bradshaw

With love,

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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