Something new.

Hello Readers,

While I’ve been away finishing exams and preparing for some pretty exciting upcoming events, I thought about my blog and what kind of content I wanted to produce! Soooo I’ve decided to test the waters with a little bit of sightseeing/food – I believe that food and fashion were meant to go together ( I mean they both start with F!) and I love that interesting places and cool cafes can be the best backdrops for ootd’s and styling some blog posts!

One of the greatest parts of getting a blog (It will be RGS’s 1 year anniversary in a month or so!) is how it connects people from all over the world! I’m sure most of you would want to see a little of Sydney (you never know you might end up here on a trip!) I’m excited to mix my two passions – fashion/amazing places and upping my photography game!

Get excited for some pretty darn cool content coming your way soon!

Thanks for reading! Much Love!


Red Glitter Slippers xx


Lust List. November.

Hello Readers,

Here’s a few things I’ve been loving this November..

November lust list

1. My friend’s blog ‘Cocograce’ – She has some amazing photos and blog posts! Check it out here

2. Typo light boxes – Seriously cool room decor – $69.95

3. Brave New World Album by Amanda Cook – She has the most beautiful voice!

4. Seafolly high neck swim tops – There is something about the high neck that is so chic for summer- priced from $100

5. Sport shoes for everyday – I’m loving the theas/roches/free runs for running around everyday! priced from around $120

With love,

Red Glitter Slippers xx

When I wear my best dressed I go to…

Hello Readers,

I say a large part of dressing up for the day is finding a good place to go, eat and Instagram  Why dress nicely if no-one will see you?! I truly believe that mixing fashion and food is always a good idea. So here is my list of cafes & coffee shops that I have personally hit up and you should too if your living in the Sydney area!

Gourmet burgers, colourful milkshakes & great coffee oh my! If you don’t live around Sydney hopefully this gives you a taste (literally and metaphorically) of what it’s like!

The Grounds of Alexandria



The Grounds has to be one of the first cafes to really embrace the idea of decoration being just as important as the food. OOTD’ers rejoice! Between the hay, hanging plants and industrial decor there are a thousand and one ways to pose and style a mini photoshoot! (plus every other customer is taking a million photos so you won’t be the odd one out!). The incredible food made up of fresh produce (some grown onsite) is the added bonus here!

Outfit: It feels like you’ve entered a farm complete with carts of berries and a pig sty! Throw on a grey muscle tee, ripped light wash dungarees, a red knotted headband; completing the look with white high top converse

Ribs & Burgers



YUM. I have a thing for gourmet burgers and this place (plus it’s chips) is just the place for a casual dinner or lunch with friends. While not as unique as some of the other joints on this list it has really reasonable pricing and a lot of locations! Get your burger fix here!

Outfit: Throw on a stripy t-shirt dress or casual playsuit with brown tie up sandals and   a statement necklace to tie the look together, for a dinner with friends


Surry Hills (amongst other locations)


This place makes real ice cream. The kind of flavours you could never believe possible are made here! Flavours like potato chip and red velvet are the norm and while the shops themselves aren’t instagram friendly the ice cream most definitely is!  Get excited for something #nofilter worthy ice cream snaps and head over!

Outfit: A sweet little end to a date night, wear black block-heel sandals and a nice mini dress with an updo

The Vogue Cafe



I cannot tell you how many times I’ve instagrammed their incredibly colourful milkshakes. I’ve been asked SO many times where this place is and.. it’s quite unexpectedly in Macquarie Centre far from the ‘milkshakes in bottles’ common in suburbs such as Newtown, Surry Hills and Glebe. It’s feels like you’ve walked into a little cottage with a garden (it sounds weird but totally works!). While the famed milkshake is nutella inspired, my favourites are coffee and peanut butter!

Outfit: Let’s be real you’ll do shopping after so mid-wash skinny jeans, white chucks, grey t-shirt and a floral kimono will have you ready to spend, spend, spend once you’ve finished those milkshakes

The Boathouse/Armchair Collective

Balmoral/Shelley Beach/Mona Vale (Pictured in the header)

The views have to be the best part of The Boathouses & Armchair Collective. Located on Balmoral Beach, Shelley Beach and Mona Vale beach it won’t be just the food your ‘gramming but beautiful beach horizon shots. Decor is littered around each store much of which you can buy. Flowers and fresh fruit make up the scenery. The food is delicious, their sourdough with wild mushrooms, ricotta and spinach is a stand out.

Outfit:  Breezy, patterned beach dress with white birkenstock slides and a bikini underneath for the beach

with love,

Red Glitter Slippers xx

+ all photos belong and taken by RGS xx