Gorman. Top 5.

Hello Readers,

Gorman is a quirky Australian brand that I’ve begun to really appreciate. Getting older and wiser I’ve realised the value in spending a little more on clothes and getting more use out of them. I’m not talking thousands of dollars but choosing quality that you might not find in chain stores. I don’t usually go for anything too left of centre but these finds push the envelope enough for you to feel just a little bit cool.

  1. Tectonic Skirt – $169


gorman tectonic skirt

I love this skirt as a relaxed version of the American Apparel skater skirt. I think you can do a lot more layering with this piece. It’s also easy for winter as a statement, contrast the skirt against black leggings, black top and wooly sweater with oxfords.

2. Jaguar Shark Tee – $89

gorman shark tee

I’ve been really loving metallic on t shirts, whether it be gold dots or silver arrows or the red/pink combination on this top. So easy to pair with wet-look black jeans or light wash ripped boyfriend jeans. I’ve been loving novelty yet chic t shirts lately.

3. Zissou Sunglasses – $169

zissou sunglasses

Sunglasses might just be my favourite accessory of the Summer. Quay’s ‘My Girl’ sunglasses have been so popular, along with mirrored shades and clear frames. While the price is a little more expensive than most sunglasses you’ll be reaching for these all Summer!

4. Garden Bed Shift Dress – $269

garden bed shift

One of the most striking features of Gorman’s clothes are that they often create several prints per season and you can buy them in socks version, dresses, skirts, hats, tops, pants and more. I had to throw in one of these dresses which you could easily dress up or down depending on the occasion. Worth the splurge for how functional it is.

5. Lost Treasure bikini set – Top $109, Bottoms $99

lost treasure gorman set

The bralette swim top (I honestly don’t know any other way to describe it!) has been a red hot trend this Summer. I’ve seen so many on Gigi Hadid in her Seafolly promotions so by default if one of the hottest models around are wearing them you’ve got to jump on the trend. This is quite a basic version but that print on bondi beach with a tan and flowy white cover up would make a great beach outfit.


Red Glitter Slippers xx



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