Golden Globes 2016

Hello Readers,

The calibre of this year’s carpet has been second to none. Relatively good looks have been relegated to average because it seems like everyone on the carpet is walking with their A- game on. I chose a few of my favourites but there were honestly many that could have been on this list. There almost wasn’t enough terrible looks to put together a Worst Looks list!


My Top Looks

Jennifer Lawrence

This girl just kills it in red. She has the right proportions and colouring to pull off warm toned bright colours – pink, orange and red. I like that the dress has cut outs and she’s accessorised with one sparkly diamond choker necklace. Her overall look is formal but fun which is perfect for the golden globes. Her tan is also the perfect shade, not entering into Fanta orange territory!

Kate Winslet

I am a huge fan of navy and if I had a red carpet awards show it would definitely top the list in colour choice. As a fellow blonde hair and blue eyed girl (less film awards though) I loved this look. While it was simplistic and reminiscent of her other looks the dress was fitted to her perfectly, she accessorised well and looked glamorous – very old Hollywood. Nice!

Cate Blanchett

A lot of you may not agree with this but hear me out. 1. Cate Blanchett is one of a few select people who can pull off almost any look. She’s also brave enough to wear almost anything. I like that she doesn’t play it safe. 2. Baby pink is incredibly hard to pull off in a sophisticated manner with most rookies falling between princess inspired prom dress and toddler pageant material. Her immaculate hair just adds to the look. Hats off to you Cate.

Julianne Moore

I cannot get over Julianne Moore in jewel tone sparkly numbers. The navy dress is breathtaking. She’s almost opposite JLaw in this sense. She pulls off navy, emerald and purple well in textured fabrics, opposed to JLaw’s preference for simple and almost sporty dresses. I actually love the long sleeves and the cut out close to the neck on this dress. It’s sleek and sparkly.

Olivia Wilde

I love this dress on Olivia. I was surprised by the use of amber jewels to style the dark red dress and the pink eyeshadow. But everything complemented each other. It’s such an unusual mix of colour pairings but it all worked so beautifully. The wavy hair goes with the almost bohemian outfit. The neckline works so well.. I just can’t get enough of this look!

Brie Larson

There were a lot of shiny dresses but in the nuetral/metallic section she killed it. It wasn’t just the dress but the styling of the look. Kate Hudson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also rocked sparkly metallic dresses, however Brie’s stood out because of the look as a whole. Her hair was neat, but behind her shoulders letting the dress shine (literally). There were enough cut outs that the look was both sexy but sophisticated.



Special Mention

  • Jenna Dewan-Tatum
  • Amy Adams
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Giuliana Rancic
  • Emmy Rossum



Red Glitter Slippers xx


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