Sneaker Revolution.

Hello Readers,

The fashionable sneaker/runner/jogger/tennis shoe is upon us.  I’m gathering that most of you at Christmas or a self-given present would have recieved some sort of gift of the Nike/Adidas/New Balance kind. I’m enjoying this trend immensely as it makes long distance walking days comfortable (shopping sprees I tell you!). I recently developed blisters while away in Tokyo and the only shoes I could wear were some Nike runners so I’m officially sold on the trend AND I can say that a shoe pretty much saved my life.

To be fair though not any sneaker will do. There are some which will always only be relegated to actual sporting activities. It’s more about the brand of shoe than a particular style. Look for stripes, ticks or letters.

While it seems every generation has it’s ‘sneaker of chic’ right now almost anything and everything goes. With haute couture jumping on the bandwagon you know this is one trend you have get in touch with. Fashion points for cool prints, special edition versions and multiple pairs!




Adidas Super Star

adidas superstars

Nike Air Force 1

nike air force 1

Nike Roche

nike roshe runs

Adidas Stan Smiths

adidas stan smith.jpeg

New Balance 420s

new balance 420s

Reebok Classics

reebok classics


Much Love,

Red Glitter Slippers xx


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