Academy Awards or The one where Leo got his Oscar.

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LEO WON HIS OSCAR! Other than that a few other actors, actresses, sound mixers, cinematographers and costume designers won some little gold statues as well but let’s be real. We all tuned in to see Jack Dawson win his very own and no doubt he will ‘never let go’. Fashion wise it was sparkle, embellishments and sophistication everywhere. My favourite aspect of all the ‘Best Dressed’s’ was that they all wore colour! And looked absolutely brilliant doing it.

Let the afterparty commence…


Best Dressed

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett Oscars 2016.jpg

Saoirse Ronan 

Saoirse Ronan Oscars 2016

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie Oscars 2016

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt Oscars 2016

Naomi Watts

naomi watts oscars 2016.jpeg

Charlize Theron

Charlize Oscars 2016.jpeg

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Oscars 2016.jpeg


Who was on your Academy Best Dressed List?

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Golden Globes 2016

Hello Readers,

The calibre of this year’s carpet has been second to none. Relatively good looks have been relegated to average because it seems like everyone on the carpet is walking with their A- game on. I chose a few of my favourites but there were honestly many that could have been on this list. There almost wasn’t enough terrible looks to put together a Worst Looks list!


My Top Looks

Jennifer Lawrence

This girl just kills it in red. She has the right proportions and colouring to pull off warm toned bright colours – pink, orange and red. I like that the dress has cut outs and she’s accessorised with one sparkly diamond choker necklace. Her overall look is formal but fun which is perfect for the golden globes. Her tan is also the perfect shade, not entering into Fanta orange territory!

Kate Winslet

I am a huge fan of navy and if I had a red carpet awards show it would definitely top the list in colour choice. As a fellow blonde hair and blue eyed girl (less film awards though) I loved this look. While it was simplistic and reminiscent of her other looks the dress was fitted to her perfectly, she accessorised well and looked glamorous – very old Hollywood. Nice!

Cate Blanchett

A lot of you may not agree with this but hear me out. 1. Cate Blanchett is one of a few select people who can pull off almost any look. She’s also brave enough to wear almost anything. I like that she doesn’t play it safe. 2. Baby pink is incredibly hard to pull off in a sophisticated manner with most rookies falling between princess inspired prom dress and toddler pageant material. Her immaculate hair just adds to the look. Hats off to you Cate.

Julianne Moore

I cannot get over Julianne Moore in jewel tone sparkly numbers. The navy dress is breathtaking. She’s almost opposite JLaw in this sense. She pulls off navy, emerald and purple well in textured fabrics, opposed to JLaw’s preference for simple and almost sporty dresses. I actually love the long sleeves and the cut out close to the neck on this dress. It’s sleek and sparkly.

Olivia Wilde

I love this dress on Olivia. I was surprised by the use of amber jewels to style the dark red dress and the pink eyeshadow. But everything complemented each other. It’s such an unusual mix of colour pairings but it all worked so beautifully. The wavy hair goes with the almost bohemian outfit. The neckline works so well.. I just can’t get enough of this look!

Brie Larson

There were a lot of shiny dresses but in the nuetral/metallic section she killed it. It wasn’t just the dress but the styling of the look. Kate Hudson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also rocked sparkly metallic dresses, however Brie’s stood out because of the look as a whole. Her hair was neat, but behind her shoulders letting the dress shine (literally). There were enough cut outs that the look was both sexy but sophisticated.



Special Mention

  • Jenna Dewan-Tatum
  • Amy Adams
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Giuliana Rancic
  • Emmy Rossum



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Red Carpet Debrief – Teen Choice Awards 2015 Worst Dressed

Hello Readers,

Where there are winners there are bound to be losers. Regardless of getting a surfboard or not there are some tiny teen stars who didn’t quite dress for the occasion! Here are my 6 worst dressed of the night! Best Dressed coming soon…

Britney Spears

britney spears worst

Britney. Oh Britney. Not unfamiliar to the teen world but obviously to the changes in style she looks like she’s stuck at age eighteen. The dual coloured dye in her hair did nothing to convince me she has any style at all. The dress was too short and way too much cleavage was on display. However the strappy sandals and pretty fabric of the dress helped to redeem the look a little bit (okay not much but it was something!)

Bella Thorne

bella thorne worst

When your asking questions like ‘is it a dress or a long top?’ perhaps it’s time to change. While orange was a great colour on her and showed off her figure I can’t help but imagine how good an extra 15cm of fabric and straps would have done for the outfit. Her shoes, clutch and hair were all great choices for the carpet.

Lea Michele

Lea michele worst dressed teen choice

Argghhh that hair. Are you fifteen or twentyeight that is the question? I can forgive younger stars for their High- School-Musical-Sharpay hair but Lea’s been to enough carpets to know that the hair is just a little too juvenile. I wish that the whole dress had either been blue or red (I’m gunning for red as she’s wearing red heels) with a slick ponytail. Much more sophisticated.

Nina Dobrev

nina dobrev worst teen

Lots of pink sequins in different shades and black mesh fashioned into flame shapes? It shouldn’t work as well as it sounds but that’s not enough to save the dress. This, I think will divide some of you readers whether it should be on the best or worst post! My problem is that it looks more like a dance/ice skating costume than a stunning red carpet look and the gradient sequins are a bit dated. I also think I expect more from Nina and the overall look was just a bit ‘meh’.

Chloe Moretz

chloe moretz worst teen choice

I have an intense phobia of snakes and that’s why this look was probably always going to end up on my ‘worst’ dressed post. But come on? From a distance I thought she was holding a real live snake and that doesn’t look hot on anyone. The red lips, straight hair, black sandals and skirt part of the dress are great but the snake top isn’t fitted properly, a weird shade of green and I cannot get over how frightenly realistic the snake looks. It’s a no from me.

Willow Shields 

willow smith worst dressed teen

Why does she have an oversized lego block around her waist? Is that a striped mat on her bottom half? Willow are you there amongst the strangely coloured fabric? Where is her stylist?! Her stylist needs to go to styling school. Nothing in this outfit suits her

BONUS Worst Dressed…

Alli Simpson

alli simpson

With no real claim to fame I’m ashamed as an Australian that this horrific outfit is one of the few representing us over in the US of A. I don’t know what she was thinking but the draping pants/fringe heels/black silky top/red bag/bad roots combination is not a winning one. I’m all for mixing it up on the carpet but tailored pants, a cute two piece or even a dressy romper would have done wonders. Gal pal it’s still a ‘red carpet’ not a trip to the shopping mall.

Do you agree or disagree?

Over and Out with love,

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2015 Tony Awards – Best Dressed

Hello Readers,

For all the musical theatre buffs these award shows are right up your alley. Sophisticated and glamour must have been the unofficial theme as all the A listers brought their A game. These were my top 5 looks of the night…

tony awards best dressed

Amanda Seyfried – Oscar De La Renta

Rose Byrne – Delpozo

Jennifer Lopez – Valentino

Kristin Chenoweth – Zac Posen

Taylor Schilling – Michael Kors

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Council of Fashion Designers Awards 2015- Best Dressed

Hello Readers,

More fashion awards! yes! While the MET provides a lot of interesting looks due to their themed galas the CFDA’s is a nice change of pace. Let’s see who looked loveliest of them all..

Here are my top 5 (not in any particular order!)

Nina Dobrev in Lela Rose

Loving the texture on this dress. Feathers here are all about class and they aren’t fighting for attention. She wears a clean palette of neutrals. I love the idea of the silver, sparkly bodice but I wish it were more fitted and it  had spaghetti straps rather than the wide ones, however it may not have been posssible due to the weight of the dress. I like the sleek hair and simple make up look that complement rather than takeaway from those amazing feathers!

Karlie Kloss in Diane Von Furstenburg

I love the old school glamour that Karlie brings to the CFDA Awards. The neckline stops the dress looking dowdy. I like the colour combination with it being red on black, retaining sophistication rather than looking like something you’d wear to a picnic. Obviously her model physique can wear almost anything so it’s nice to see her in something more classic than the modern looks she often goes for. I love her hair, red lip and red clutch.

Karlie Kloss in Diane von Furstenberg.

Diane Kruger in Prabal Gurung

Woah Diane. Diane does it again. Every time she graces the carpet she combines classic styles with cool modern textural features. The colour pairing – firey red and black clashes nicely against Diane’s blue eyes and blonde hair. The sequinning looks amazing. The shape suits Dianne and her hair back lets the silhouette fall nicely.

diane krug

Vanessa Hudgens in Sachi & Babin

Despite this look’s simplicity I love how Vanessa has tackled some tricky fashion trends. The waterfall hem/slight mullet works well for her short height. The mesh makes the dress glamorous and the different shades of black are simple but look good. I really like how the slicked hair pares back the look, in addition to the simple strappy sandals. I wish she had an emerald bracelet or cocktail ring for a pop of colour though!

ness hudge

Gigi Hadid in Michael Kors

I wasn’t sure about this look for a while. To be honest I was a little underwhelmed with the array of looks to choose from for best dressed. A lot of dresses were nice but were fitted wrong, didn’t suite the person’s figure or was just overwhelming in general. However I loved the fit of Gigi’s jumpsuit which looked good due to her tall height. What made the dress stunning was the mixing of metals, her jumpsuit covered in gold, silver and almost a light rose gold which glittered when she walked. I wish her hair had been up in a high messy pony. It would have looked a little more carpet appropriate.


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Billboards 2015 Best Dressed Debrief

Hello Readers,

The Billboard music awards have been and gone. Phew! There are so many music awards it’s hard to keep up! I was really really disappointed with the lack of great looks on the carpet. A lot of people just got it terribly wrong. Here are the few that I actually like/don’t mind!

 Taylor Swift

An obvious choice amongst the crazy, kooky and just plain bad outfits. The white jumpsuit accentuates  her height and figure. The cut outs are a cool adition while the neckline shows a little cleavage for good ol’ T-Swizzle. While it’s not her most amazing outfit she shines in her simplicity. (Seriously almost everyone went overboard at the billboards!)

 Carissa Alvarado

I LOVED her look on the Billboards carpet, proving that less is more. Many of the other starlets went for multiple colours, textures, strange hemlines- most of the looks at the Billboards were over the top and this dress was lovely in it’s simplicity.The cut outs are in at the moment and the dress flatters her figure. Nice Job.

Tori Kelly

Again. Simplicity is winning. This long sleeved mini dress is perfect for the Billboard carpet. I love the fringe, it adds texture and the fit of the dress is perfect for her. I really like where the dress hits her. It’s perfect. Her hair suits the look and her shoes add to the simple white dress. Can’t wait to see more of her on the carpet!

tori kelly

Kendall Jenner

I’ll start this debrief by saying the shoes are not my favourite. However do they suit the look? yes. Apart from the shoes I like the tuxedo dress. Tuxedos for women have been popular on the red carpet whether in a suit or dress style. Kendall has the figure to pull it off with the V neckline balancing the all black bottom half and the embellishment is really cool.

Really disappointed – the worst dressed list will be so much funnier. If anyone’s a stylists head on over to Hollywood! They need you right now!

Red Glitter Slippers xx

Cannes we be on the best dressed list? – Cannes film festival Best Dressed

Hello Readers,

There are in actual fact very few red carpets that allow ladies to dress in their very finest. Compared to the golden ages of hollywood there has been a ‘casualisation’ of the carpet. Slinky dresses, cut outs, low necklines have replaced big ballgowns, tiaras and white gloves. Cannes has brought back some of the sophistication and glamour, it really is a ballgown fantasy. So who perfected and who failed at the fashion stakes?

Naomi Watts in Elie Saab

This dress could have looked ridiculous, over the top and far too sparkly. On almost any other carpet it would have but at Cannes she shines. While just wearing silver and diamond pieces, Naomi follows Julianne Moore’s suit by using texture to elevate the look. The feather skirt is perfect, it doesn’t look heavy or too long but still falls into a ‘princess gown category’. Not only is the dress beautiful but Naomi wears the dress rather than the dress wearing Naomi. I cannot get enough of this look!

Natalie Portman in Dior

Red on the red carpet has been a theme lately but I love this pared back look Natalie brings to Cannes. In comparison to many of the taller actresses and models who walk the carpet I’m glad Natalie went with a streamlined look as I feel like a large gown would have swamped her. The earrings pulled the look from average to good. She really ruled classical simplicity on this carpet.

Julianne Moore in Georgio Armani Prive 

Redheads just wear emerald so, so well. At Cannes this year, Julianne blew me away. Despite her dress being black it was textural, those feathers and beading were incredible. The neckline was a great choice.However my favourite aspect of her look was those earrings. The emerald shone against her red hair and smoky eye look. She went intense in comparison to many of the actresses who wore lighter looks and ‘no make up’ make up. Loved it.

julianne cannes

Sienna Miller in Lanvin

Navy with a red lip must be one of the most classical assembles on the carpet. Especially if it’s a blonde in the ensemble. The fitting of the dress is incredible. Probably Natalie’s biggest rival in terms of how similar their looks were, simple silhouette, classic colour and chic hair, Natalie wins for me as I don’t like the black bow detailing on Sienna’s Lanvin dress. All that being said Sienna has really upped her fashion game, with many of her recent looks inferior to this one.

siena miller cannes

 Lupita Nyong’o in Gucci 

I tossed and turned about Lupita being on this list. I may have an unpopular opinion but I don’t love the green colour that much. While it looks better against Lupita’s colouring than most, the light green combined with the chiffon just looks a little cheap. I do however love the cut of the dress, which moved well on the carpet, and the cream/light purple embellishment. It is a work of art.

lupita cannes

Who was your favourite on the Cannes red carpet?

Red Glitter slippers xx

2015 Logies Debrief – Best Dressed

Hello Readers,

Ahhh the Logies…the bogan version of the daytime emmy awards. For those who don’t live in Australia, the Logies is the one and only television awards show. Due to the dire lack of quality shows there are not only ‘most outstanding’ for best performance but ‘most popular’, so the younger generations tune in to see if their ‘Home and Away’ hotties get a silver statue. Because they voted them. Seriously it’s a joke. While the quantity of quality drama television produced can be counted on two hands the bevvy of reality shows means that most of the guests arrive looking like trash. Over in ‘Straya no one has a stylist and the amount of coutoure designers is tiny resulting in a lot of sequined messes and ill fitting dresses. If you see a lot of the Best Dressed wearing monochrome it’s because everyone else looked so disastrous I had to put them up there. Yes it is that bad.

Top Looks

1. Carrie Bickmore in J’aton

Wow. Topped the list in part for her outfit and in part for her incredible speech. A truly deserving winner for the gold logie. This beautiful silver dress didn’t swamp her small frame but was still dressy enough. There was the right amount of bling and her lips elevated the look when she could have gone for a simple nude or light pink. The V neckline deserves some praise as it balanced the train. Just an all round winner.

Carrie Bickmore

2. Melissa Doyle in George Elsissa

The ladies in red are killing it on the carpet. After black and metallics, red was one of the most popular colours worn on the logies carpet. I loved the dress on Melissa, as it accentuated her curves but was interesting with a little architectual flair. I appreciated her neat straight hair amongst a sea of wavy casual hair do’s. In black or white this dress would have been pretty but in fire engine red she stands out and has to be rewarded for that.

Mel Doyle

3. Megan Gale in Alex Perry

Yes it’s black and Yes it’s fitted but wowza does Megan wear this well. She’s so graceful and put together and I can’t help but fall in with this look. While the black sparkly fabric is quite generic, Megan’s dress was a change from the V necks, high splits and trains of many of the dresses at the Logies. The high neckline and bow exude class and most people couldn’t pull it off. The dress is fitted showing off her enviously amazing body and she tops it off with glittery hoops and a nice updo.

Megs gale

4. Demi Harman in Steven Khalil

Another lady in red, she came second to Melissa purely to the shape of the dress. As the Logies are quite a casual awards occasion it was pushing the formality boundaries, almost a bit too ‘red carpet’. With that being said Demi worked the red look and it suited her dark hair and pale skin perfectly. I love the addition of the red lip as the dress itself was quite simple. She’s done well for a ‘Home and Away’ gal.

demi harman

5. Rebecca Judd in J’aton

Almost the only reliable red carpet best dressed, Rebecca (despite having very little claim to fame other than a footballer husband) nails it. Every time. She acts as a symbol of what many Australian actresses could dress like, emulating the style of Hollywood red carpet mainstays such as Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie and Diane Kruger. She, like Diane, can pull of almost any colour and other than a terrible fake tan job shone in this gorgeous peach lace dress. With her model height and toned body she can also wear any style and puts everyone else to shame. She would be a regular on the top ten best dressed if she was famous in Hollywood.

Rebecca judd

6. . Asher Keddie in Alex Perry

While I’m slightly bias as saying I’m in love with her show ‘Offspring’ would be an understatement (Seriously go watch it now. Illegally if you have too!) she was one of the best in her dress category. Cheyenne Tozzi, Sonia Kruger and Jennifer Hawkins all wore very similar dresses. Cheyenne’s the sleeves were far too dramatic, white on Sonia wasn’t that flattering and I didn’t like the low neckline and high split of Jennifer’s dress. Asher’s laidback hair, drop earrings and cleavage bearing were done tastefully and classically. No complaints.

asher keddie

Who was your favourite?

Red Glitter Slippers xx

Cinderella Film Premieres – Top Looks

Hello Readers,

Lily James as Cinderella in the live action big budget film can only mean one thing. Lots and Lots of red carpet opportunities and lots and lots of well known designer gowns. Here’s five of her best looks..

1. Disneyland Resort Screening in Elie Saab

If there is one place where Lily had to wear a princess outfit it has to be Disneyland and she didn’t disappoint. Her gorgeous curls, red lips and embellished gown made her resemble a princess. I’m sure all of the littlies coming along in their costumes would have felt like they were really meeting Cinderella. Lily looked old world stunning.

2. Tokyo Press Conference in Valentino

I really really really love this dress. It’s the perfect mix between playful and sophistication. The decorative gold stars, moon and night sky don’t look childish but appropriate on the dress. Navy is a good colour choice for fair haired Lily. While I think she could have had her hair in a slick ponytail I like how it’s been straightened. Her simple nude pumps are a perfect addition to let the dress shine.

3. Milan Photo call in Erdem

COLOUR. Wow. Comparing some of the lighter colours that wash Lily out the deep red dress was a much needed interlude. It made her look more tanned and she stands out in the red colour. I love how it’s such a contrast to the more washed out dresses she chose to wore.This was the only block colour look in the whole tour. Her hair looks lovely curled at the front, framing her face. Generally at a good premiere run this look would be pretty average, nothing special but in comparison she just looks so much better. (Also I’m definitely getting some spanish/flamenco influences here- I don’t know about you guys!). I even like the black shoes, they make the outfit sexy.

4. London Premiere in Balenciaga

I oddly quite like this look. It reminds me of a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ era soldier’s jacket with the thick woollen- looking material and the big gold buttons/clasps. I love her hair pushed back behind her shoulder and simple make up however as with many of her looks I longed for more. Even a gorgeous gold Edie Parker clutch with ‘Cinderella’ on it would have done wonders for the look. It’s not that the dress is a let down it just looks incredibly plain without any accessories. However Kudos Lily for the dress fitting so well.

5. Berlin Premiere in Dior

Look I’m not particularly fond of this dresses material but where this dress stands out is that it is quite a neutral colour but it’s warm. The pinky- peachy undertones don’t wash Lily out as much as the cooler toned neutrals. I like the folds at the top of the dress and how it sits on Lily. It doesn’t overwhelm her tiny frame but it gives a bit of a princess look. Her hair sitting naturally really works with the dress. I wish she’d added an antique diamond bracelet or some drop earrings for interest.

I’m quite disappointed with the variation of looks. It was either a princess dress or long sleeved embellished mini or tea length dress with very few looks in between. Lily also strayed from wearing much colour which was a bad move as many of the lighter blues, creams and white washed her out. Overall the lack of interesting looks didn’t impress at all.

What are your thoughts on the Cinderella press tour looks?

Red Glitter Slippers xx

When one meets the President and First Lady one should always…

Hello Readers,

When meeting dignitaries one should always be dressed fashionably and appropriately so although I have little understanding of how the US congress works and the politicians roles I do understand one thing. A black tie event equals some serious styling. The White house correspondents’ dinner seems to be a fancy dinner thrown for the elite of the entertainment industry. No matter what you think about it, it’s a great opportunity for some fash-analysing. Here are my top 5 looks..

1. Gillian Jacobs in Peter Pilotto

YES. A nice surprise among the typical princess/old hollywood dresses and the stock standard block colour dresses. I’m so glad she took the risk in print. Although the colour combination is unusual it just works. Her old hollywood hair brings a touch of glam as she combines the modern print with the 40’s inspired hair and make up. YES.

gillian white house

2. Chanel Iman in Zuhair Murad

Model dressing at it’s finest. Showing off her rocking body the v shaped neckline revealed some skin however the long skirt kept the look classy. She picked the perfect colour and accentuated the look with some diamond earrings and bejewelled sleeves. The dress fit her like it was made for her. I need a moment, it’s so gorgeous.

chanel iman white house

3. Michelle Monaghan in Parabul Gurung

Perfect example of combining colour and texture. I love the classic deep red and black colours of the dress but what makes it shine is the almost snake skin like texture of the dress. It’s a statement that pushes the boundaries without being too editorial for carpet as formal as the dinner. She finished off the look nicely with loose waves, wrist cuffs and a black clutch.

mich monga white house

4. Brit Marling in Roksanda

Another example of mixing modern with classic. While I’ve left out some lovely gowns, gowns that become my favourites are those that take risks that pay off rather than sticking with a nice black dress. I appreciate the effort. Here it’s Scandinavian chic, the dress made up of tangerine, sky blue and black. The peplum provides some architectural detail while her flowing hair balances the colour blocking. A great choice on Brit.

brit marling white house

5. Troian Bellisario

Despite the dress being white, white and more white I love the combination of the white with the gold, leaf belt. Combined with her dark hair she looked beautiful and sophisticated. The flowing gown was a nice change from the corset bodices and high slits of other gowns that night. Loved it!

troian white house

Who were your best dressed from the dinner?

Red Glitter Slippers xx