Moving Blogs – End of an Era

Hello Readers!

Some exciting news! I have a new blog! It’s an older and more mature version of Red Glitter Slippers and expanded to include some more travel and foodie things. However the voice and the content will still be similar with the focus still on fashion.

Feel free to follow the new blog ‘The Retrograde Collective’ here AND on instagram @ theretrogradecollective 

Thanks lovely readers and viewers for following this blog for the past year or so. I hope you follow me in growing up a little more and try out new things.

Much Love,

Red Glitter Slippers xx


Academy Awards or The one where Leo got his Oscar.

Hello Readers,

LEO WON HIS OSCAR! Other than that a few other actors, actresses, sound mixers, cinematographers and costume designers won some little gold statues as well but let’s be real. We all tuned in to see Jack Dawson win his very own and no doubt he will ‘never let go’. Fashion wise it was sparkle, embellishments and sophistication everywhere. My favourite aspect of all the ‘Best Dressed’s’ was that they all wore colour! And looked absolutely brilliant doing it.

Let the afterparty commence…


Best Dressed

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett Oscars 2016.jpg

Saoirse Ronan 

Saoirse Ronan Oscars 2016

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie Oscars 2016

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt Oscars 2016

Naomi Watts

naomi watts oscars 2016.jpeg

Charlize Theron

Charlize Oscars 2016.jpeg

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Oscars 2016.jpeg


Who was on your Academy Best Dressed List?

Red Glitter Slippers xx


Sneaker Revolution.

Hello Readers,

The fashionable sneaker/runner/jogger/tennis shoe is upon us.  I’m gathering that most of you at Christmas or a self-given present would have recieved some sort of gift of the Nike/Adidas/New Balance kind. I’m enjoying this trend immensely as it makes long distance walking days comfortable (shopping sprees I tell you!). I recently developed blisters while away in Tokyo and the only shoes I could wear were some Nike runners so I’m officially sold on the trend AND I can say that a shoe pretty much saved my life.

To be fair though not any sneaker will do. There are some which will always only be relegated to actual sporting activities. It’s more about the brand of shoe than a particular style. Look for stripes, ticks or letters.

While it seems every generation has it’s ‘sneaker of chic’ right now almost anything and everything goes. With haute couture jumping on the bandwagon you know this is one trend you have get in touch with. Fashion points for cool prints, special edition versions and multiple pairs!




Adidas Super Star

adidas superstars

Nike Air Force 1

nike air force 1

Nike Roche

nike roshe runs

Adidas Stan Smiths

adidas stan smith.jpeg

New Balance 420s

new balance 420s

Reebok Classics

reebok classics


Much Love,

Red Glitter Slippers xx

Golden Globes 2016

Hello Readers,

The calibre of this year’s carpet has been second to none. Relatively good looks have been relegated to average because it seems like everyone on the carpet is walking with their A- game on. I chose a few of my favourites but there were honestly many that could have been on this list. There almost wasn’t enough terrible looks to put together a Worst Looks list!


My Top Looks

Jennifer Lawrence

This girl just kills it in red. She has the right proportions and colouring to pull off warm toned bright colours – pink, orange and red. I like that the dress has cut outs and she’s accessorised with one sparkly diamond choker necklace. Her overall look is formal but fun which is perfect for the golden globes. Her tan is also the perfect shade, not entering into Fanta orange territory!

Kate Winslet

I am a huge fan of navy and if I had a red carpet awards show it would definitely top the list in colour choice. As a fellow blonde hair and blue eyed girl (less film awards though) I loved this look. While it was simplistic and reminiscent of her other looks the dress was fitted to her perfectly, she accessorised well and looked glamorous – very old Hollywood. Nice!

Cate Blanchett

A lot of you may not agree with this but hear me out. 1. Cate Blanchett is one of a few select people who can pull off almost any look. She’s also brave enough to wear almost anything. I like that she doesn’t play it safe. 2. Baby pink is incredibly hard to pull off in a sophisticated manner with most rookies falling between princess inspired prom dress and toddler pageant material. Her immaculate hair just adds to the look. Hats off to you Cate.

Julianne Moore

I cannot get over Julianne Moore in jewel tone sparkly numbers. The navy dress is breathtaking. She’s almost opposite JLaw in this sense. She pulls off navy, emerald and purple well in textured fabrics, opposed to JLaw’s preference for simple and almost sporty dresses. I actually love the long sleeves and the cut out close to the neck on this dress. It’s sleek and sparkly.

Olivia Wilde

I love this dress on Olivia. I was surprised by the use of amber jewels to style the dark red dress and the pink eyeshadow. But everything complemented each other. It’s such an unusual mix of colour pairings but it all worked so beautifully. The wavy hair goes with the almost bohemian outfit. The neckline works so well.. I just can’t get enough of this look!

Brie Larson

There were a lot of shiny dresses but in the nuetral/metallic section she killed it. It wasn’t just the dress but the styling of the look. Kate Hudson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also rocked sparkly metallic dresses, however Brie’s stood out because of the look as a whole. Her hair was neat, but behind her shoulders letting the dress shine (literally). There were enough cut outs that the look was both sexy but sophisticated.



Special Mention

  • Jenna Dewan-Tatum
  • Amy Adams
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Giuliana Rancic
  • Emmy Rossum



Red Glitter Slippers xx

Gorman. Top 5.

Hello Readers,

Gorman is a quirky Australian brand that I’ve begun to really appreciate. Getting older and wiser I’ve realised the value in spending a little more on clothes and getting more use out of them. I’m not talking thousands of dollars but choosing quality that you might not find in chain stores. I don’t usually go for anything too left of centre but these finds push the envelope enough for you to feel just a little bit cool.

  1. Tectonic Skirt – $169


gorman tectonic skirt

I love this skirt as a relaxed version of the American Apparel skater skirt. I think you can do a lot more layering with this piece. It’s also easy for winter as a statement, contrast the skirt against black leggings, black top and wooly sweater with oxfords.

2. Jaguar Shark Tee – $89

gorman shark tee

I’ve been really loving metallic on t shirts, whether it be gold dots or silver arrows or the red/pink combination on this top. So easy to pair with wet-look black jeans or light wash ripped boyfriend jeans. I’ve been loving novelty yet chic t shirts lately.

3. Zissou Sunglasses – $169

zissou sunglasses

Sunglasses might just be my favourite accessory of the Summer. Quay’s ‘My Girl’ sunglasses have been so popular, along with mirrored shades and clear frames. While the price is a little more expensive than most sunglasses you’ll be reaching for these all Summer!

4. Garden Bed Shift Dress – $269

garden bed shift

One of the most striking features of Gorman’s clothes are that they often create several prints per season and you can buy them in socks version, dresses, skirts, hats, tops, pants and more. I had to throw in one of these dresses which you could easily dress up or down depending on the occasion. Worth the splurge for how functional it is.

5. Lost Treasure bikini set – Top $109, Bottoms $99

lost treasure gorman set

The bralette swim top (I honestly don’t know any other way to describe it!) has been a red hot trend this Summer. I’ve seen so many on Gigi Hadid in her Seafolly promotions so by default if one of the hottest models around are wearing them you’ve got to jump on the trend. This is quite a basic version but that print on bondi beach with a tan and flowy white cover up would make a great beach outfit.


Red Glitter Slippers xx


Something new.

Hello Readers,

While I’ve been away finishing exams and preparing for some pretty exciting upcoming events, I thought about my blog and what kind of content I wanted to produce! Soooo I’ve decided to test the waters with a little bit of sightseeing/food – I believe that food and fashion were meant to go together ( I mean they both start with F!) and I love that interesting places and cool cafes can be the best backdrops for ootd’s and styling some blog posts!

One of the greatest parts of getting a blog (It will be RGS’s 1 year anniversary in a month or so!) is how it connects people from all over the world! I’m sure most of you would want to see a little of Sydney (you never know you might end up here on a trip!) I’m excited to mix my two passions – fashion/amazing places and upping my photography game!

Get excited for some pretty darn cool content coming your way soon!

Thanks for reading! Much Love!


Red Glitter Slippers xx

Fashion Hacks/Tips 101 – Part 1

Hello Readers,

Have you ever been in a sticky situation where a fashion hack is needed? Or have broken clothes that you might still want to wear but don’t know how? I have a few tips and tricks in the first instalment of my Fashion hacks/tips series so stay tuned for more!

1. Black stretchy singlet top = black mini skirt in emergencies!

Spills, dropped food and ‘the crimson wave’ are all part of life but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be semi- prepared for it. Your top can double as a simple black mini skirt if you’ve somehow ruined your pants. I’m not saying if a tiny bit of ketch up falls on your jeans you completely change your outfit but if worst comes to worst wearing singlets when layering might come in handy one day!

2. Cut up clothes to make new ones!

I had a dress that was too short but I loved the bottom half of it. Since it was elasticated around the waist I decided to cut the top of it off. The sewn in elastic was the top of the skirt and it prevented the fabric from coming apart. However unless you intend to sew the top of the skirt I suggest you just wear this one under other tops.

3. Shoes a tad small? Get your hair dryers out girls!

Shoes that are half a size too small can be easily fixed by putting on the shoes with thick socks and using a hair dryer to warm and stretch the leather. Just be aware that if the shoes are a few sizes too small it might be best to return your shoes if their new or to sell them if their older.

4. Back to black 

Perhaps this is more common sense than anything but having white socks filling my draws I tried to negotiate the tricky gap between ankle boots and denim cut offs. Even when jeans could fit in my boots while I walked around my jeans would pull out – ya feel me?! Wearing black socks just makes more sense and from far away makes your look more streamlined without the awkward peep of white.

5. Necklaces wrapped around wrists = bracelets!

If you want a chunky bracelet look wrap long necklaces around your wrist. It’s a simple but effective look if you want to add some more texture to your outfit. Super easy and cheap to do!

6. Match your pumps to your skin tone for that model height!

I love how nude pumps can give you the illusion of longer legs; being on the shorter side I can always do with looking taller, however mismatching the shade of shoes can completely throw off this illusion. Look for shoes similar to how you’d look for a foundation. Warm or cool and light and dark – it can make a huge difference.

7. Don’t like the top of a dress? Cover it with a crop

There are several dresses in my closet that I love the skirt of but don’t like the top. My friends and I often add crop tops to either cover the unflattering top half of the dress, make the dress warmer (a long sleeved crop) and to get more wear out of certain dresses. This can be a really great solution if you’ve bought crop tops but aren’t so swell about exposing your midriff!

8. Winter coverings perfectly double as blankets!

Big scarves, warm capes and large woollen ponchos are perfect for the movies where they can double as blankets. This might be a bit lame but it’s come in handy a few times to wear a blanket-like cape. Trust me! Try it!

Do you have any great fashion tips or tricks? Comment below!


Red Glitter Slippers xx

The Sizing Debacle.

Hello Readers,

I read an article recently about ‘Kookai’ a French brand that’s become a necessary part of any party girl’s wardrobe. I kid you not any club on the weekend, at least half the girls will be wearing something from Kookai. And the fact that half of these girls will be wearing Kookai is part of the issue the article brings up. The article finds the idea that there are only two sizes aimed at petite women quite silly when the average girl is a lot bigger. I understand that every brand has niches but two sizes- 0,2 and I think in some products 4 leaves a bit to be desired in the ‘variety’ category.

While I actively follow the debate on stores shaming larger or smaller girls with sizes that either are too big or too small I wanted this article to be about the importance of a number. Regardless of the store whether they use european system, they start with 0 or 8, these numbers will still carry meaning. With smaller sizes being seen as an achievement and a larger size considered an alarm to start eating more salads and exercising.

But should we put so much emphasis on letters and numbers on clothes? I think we have to stop convincing ourselves to squeeze into smaller jeans or to deatox to fit in a dress we wore back in high school. I came to this realisation when I was umming and arring between two pairs of jeans, one a little too tight and the other a little lose. The pride in me convinced me that I should keep the smaller size.

The result? I rarely ever wear the jeans and if I do am constantly worried about the muffin top that has been created. Girls, it’s time to ignore the connotations to do with size. All it is, is a number and sizes change so much between companies you may be the desirable small in one but get a size 14 somewhere else. What fits best is the size that looks good on you.

one size fits all label

5 girls with different body shapes trying on a ‘one size fits all’ skirt. 

Demonstrating how having limited or few sizes is really not beneficial to anyone!

Photo sourced from Buzzfeed.

Red Glitter Slippers xx

How to dress like…Gabby from Young&Hungry

   Hello Readers,

One of my absolute favourite shows at the moment is Young&Hungry starring Emily Osement. Being a huge fan of Hannah Montana it’s kind of like seeing how Lily turned out! I like how while the show might be seemingly skewed towards disney audiences there’s a lot of innuendo which makes it funny to watch as an adult. I love Gabby’s fashion and I think the show’s stylists have done a great job in dressing Emily. While there’s a lot of bright colours, layering and heels going on it’s not over the top. Continue reading for some inspiration on how to look like Gabby!

topshop dress


Petite Striped Jacquard Dress


anthro apron


Task Apron


etched coin necklace

Forever 21

Etched coin statement necklace 


camel booties


‘Drea’ Peep Toe Leather Sandal


Red Glitter Slippers xx

ps. Check out my last ‘How to dress like..’ here!

Net-A-Porter Sale – My top 5 purchases

Hello Readers,

It’s time to splurge your hard earned cash fashionistas! Arguably some of the best designer sales with some items up to around 50% off. Time to stock up on all the things you’ve been lusting over, here’s a few things I have on my sale wishlist…

1. Oscar De La Renta  – Polka dot cotton blend poplin dress

$534 (was $890)

oscar dress

2. Balmain – Gold toned and glossed leather cuff

$891 (was $1,485)

balmain cuff

3. Chloe – Textured leather sandals

$399 (was $570)

chloe sandals

4. Tory Burch – Cecile embroidered cotton-blend skirt

$237 (was $395)

tburch skirt

5. Nicholas Kirkwood – Metallic leather and PVC pumps

$398 (was $795)

nick kirkwood heels

Red Glitter Slippers xx